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Teambuilding at the rocording studios.


Your team-building event

The whole is the sum of its parts.

Motivate your staff, improve the work environment, and permanently increase your company’s efficiency through our team-building events:

We give you the stage, the set, the studio, or simply the place for your staff to slip into various roles – and learn to better understand one another in a playful, interactive manner.


Measures through measurements!

Every staff member is different. That’s why we don’t offer you standardised solutions, but rather tailor each event to your objective, problem or initial situation.


It’s this easy:

We work together so you can work together.

Outline the framework conditions in your request: Type of event, number of staff, desired date, duration and any desired location.
Together, we’ll ascertain the direction of the journey – what goal you’d like to achieve or which situation you’d like to improve.
We develop your team-building event, and send you a plan tailored personally to your company and needs. Your requirements, goals or specifications determine whether it is a play, film, or audio book event, or a classic option.
If necessary, we adjust the plan to your feedback, and draw it up in full.
Once we have established everything in a contract, you can sit back and relax: From this point on, we take care of the rest (small adjustments/changes can be made to the event upon request, e.g. programm, staff numbers, arrival/departure).
After your successful team-building event, we’ll send you the professional photographs and/or film material.